Victory's Portfolio

Career Objective

To participate in the worldwide effort of building a large scale Quantum computer.

QChackers: Hacking Quantum Computers

Description: QChackers is a long term project Quantum computing project consisting of undergraduate students from around the country. I started QChackers in September 2017 as a vehicle for learning Quantum computation. We work on Quantum algorithms and Quantum software.

Role: Project lead

Skills and knowledge gained

  • Simulating physics experiments using HFSS
  • Writing Quantum virtual machines
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Physical implementations of Ion trap, Optical, and Superconducting Quantum computers
  • Quantum error correction

Resources used

  • Slack
  • HFSS
  • Github
  • Academic journals

qchackers subprojects

  • qc-hack-harvard: Visualizing quantum algorithms on the web browser
  • - Most newbie quantum computing engineers have problems visualizing how quantum algorithms work with respect to the bloch sphere. This project solves that problem by helping engineers visualize how a state vector looks like when a quantum gate is applied to a qubit. The front end is implemented in Meteorjs and the quantum virtual machine is implemented in Python
  • kite: A Quantum programming language built at Hack ISU in Spring 2018.

AIPlayground: Learning about Machine Learning

Description: This is a project I spent the summer of 2016 on. It was inspired by a computer defeated the world's best Go player. This motivated me to spend a summer learning about machine learning. I also learned web development by blogging about what I was learning. AIPlayground allows users to create accounts, login, logout, and comment on my posts. It was the most complex software project I had worked on up to that point.

Role: Web and Machine Learning developer

Skills and knowledge gained

  • GPU CUDA programming
  • Tensorflow
  • Torch
  • Caffe
  • Django

Resources used

  • Nvidia GTX 970
  • Github
  • Tensorflow
  • Stanford's CS231n course
  • Cloud9 IDE

Senior Design Project

C48: A compiler that students can use to learn about compilers

Description: This is a project that I proposed for senior design. Once I got 4 students on board with the project, we got started implementing it right away. The project is currently incomplete; although we are planning on having a decent programming language by May of next year. The programming language that we are designing is supposed to be like a Statically Typed Python with a C-like syntax. It is meant for people who don't know about programming to learn about how programming languages and compilers work.

Role: Project Lead

Skills and knowledge gained

  • Implementing Lexers, Parsers, and Evaluators in the C programming language

Big picture contribution

  • Lead a team that was not experienced in implementing programming languages